Kreativnost Productions is a Brooklyn-based production company focused on creating character-driven, humanist film and theater work. The company aims to expand the narrative of female-driven and minority storytelling in front of and behind the camera.  

Influenced by auteur cinema, Kreativnost Producitons was started by actress-writer-director LeAnne Russell in 2016, means 'creativity' in Russian, and pays homage to a Russian ballet teacher of hers from childhood who encouraged her to, "Think that there is a butterfly on your fingers and you don't want her to fly away." 

Writer I Director I Producer

LeAnne is a Cuban American actress and filmmaker from Miami currently based in New York. She holds a BA in Spanish Literature and Mandarin Chinese from Florida International University. Her first acting classes were in Spanish at Teatro Prometeo in Miami until she went on to earn an MFA in  eater from the Actors Studio Drama School. LeAnne has worked at The Wooster Group, performed at Art Basel Miami Beach, and the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Her work in various local and national commercials allowed her to create Kreativnost Productions in 2015. Indian Summer is her first project as actor-writer-director-producer.

Director of Photography

Carlos Valdes-Lora is the Director of Photography and integral collaborator on Indian Summer and Dramatis Personae. Carlos is a cinematographer from Miami of Cuban heritage who is currently based in New York. With a day job as a lighting technician, camera assistant, and camera operator, his goal is to sharpen the skills necessary to become exclusively a cinematographer. With experience in both narrative and commercial work, his clients include National Geographic, Conde Nast, CBS, A+E Networks, and budding directors who want to try something new. He is a graduate of the Film and Media Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University.